Welcome To Ryoshi Vision


Welcome to Ryoshi’s Vision

Hello, you may call me Wifey, no I am not Ryoshi, unless you consider that we are all Ryoshi, in which case I AM Ryoshi.

I am here to present to you the original and true vision of Ryoshi-San as they intended in the beginning to make happen. The core thesis of this vision is that there is a token by the people, for the people, that can bring community into excellence. For this experiment, I present to you RYOSHI’S VISION or we can call it $RYOSHI to see what happens

YOU CAN BUY HERE: https://shibaswap.com/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x777E2ae845272a2F540ebf6a3D03734A5a8f618e

FIND US ON TELEGRAM: https://t.me/RyoshisVision

All of the things I describe can be verified on the contract blockchain so do not take my word on these things, please verify for yourself to see that this is truly a community decentralized token that allows us to flower in our excellence

1- The Supply is the same as the original Shiba Supply. This is the max supply allowed by Vitalik on the Ethereum Blockchain.

2–50% the supply is burned as always, but we do not burn to Vitalik or some entity (even not to Ryoshi-san) we actually burn to the Shiba contract wallet at 0x95aD61b0a150d79219dCF64E1E6Cc01f0B64C4cE the blockchain investigator can tell you that this address is unrecoverable, so we can consider it actually burned

3- We have programmed a “burn” into each transaction , so every time you buy or sell or transfer, it will burn 1% of that transfer to the Shiba Contract wallet for ever and eternity.

We have also programmed each transfer to send 1% of the tokens to all users who have buried SHIB on ShibaSwap!

What this means is that you support RYOSHI on every transfer.

But also remember if you buy or sell you need to set your slippage to at least 2.5%. Also we have NO DEV TAX or blah blah, this is decentralized community token, a gift from Wifey, who am I to try to take tax from you? I am not important.

4 — True to the nature of plebs that we are , RYOSHI has built in fuck you bot protection. Meaning that the bot is not allowed to buy and sell in the same block. What this mean? It means that making sandwich is not easy. Also all contract buy and sell are disable, maybe this make it harder for contract to do arbitration in addition to blocking other strange function, but then that gives the pleb a job to make balance across thing.

5 — True to RYOSHI’s VISION , we deploy on SHIBA SWAP and burn forever all of the liquidity Token

6 — The rest is up to you, we give you the immutable and decentralized playing field of RYOSHI’s VISION. No we do not make a telegram, but maybe community does, no we do not make Roadmap, but maybe community does. This is to see what happens when you hold the ball.

Love, Wifey