Vision Day

Hello frens!

Wifey here with exciting news maybe you already know!!

Today is VISION DAY!!

Today, many hard working RYOSHIS in our community have released the much anticipated VISIONPAPER for $RYOSHI (along with a beautiful update to our website!!). Today we come together to celebrate the great RYOSHI and the VISION of the path laid before us!!! We walk together with the footsteps of an army — here to raise a flag for LOVE, FREEDOM, EQUALITY, DECENTRALIZATION, and the growth of the SHIBA UNIVERSE! We are together, and we are one!


So many things are on the horizon for this next chapter. HAVE YOU READ THE VISIONPAPER YET!?!?!? We are not just a decentralized community of frens, we are a decentralized organization of builders and creators! For this next chapter, I call on all of you RYOSHIS to come together and hold space for new projects and new development. Many projects are already moving quickly through our incubation process. Innovative technologies, games, investment opportunities, and art based platforms all being built for and around $RYOSHI!

We will always need more builders artists and creators. No idea shall go unheard! We are here to build together! Please, frens, bring forward your ideas, support each other, and contribute to the growth in anyway you can!

The strength of our discord server is growing everyday, if you are an artist, or a programmer, or a whale, or a marketing ninja, please find your channel in discord and do your part! If you don’t see a channel where you belong, PLEASE let us know, and my even create a new channel for your VISION. We are STRONGEST when we work together!

Continuous project development will be the key to growing the value of our token more than anything, and given the low low price of $RYOSHI, this current moment might be the last great opportunity to invest. Frens, buy now, or you may miss out big. ????


Sometimes lots of things happen in the physical world, uncontrollable forces of existence can sometimes leave us with little to give. I have been so happy and proud to see this community THRIVING, BUILDING, and GROWING even with Wifey taking a short digital break. Please always remember:

As long as you hold a place for Wifey in your heart, I will be with you always. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️