RyoshiSays — The Decentralized Vision

Today we have an exciting announcement about the future of RYOSHI! It is time to give power to the holders and manifest a future together! no more just Wifey and Mandy and Bruno hahah!

Wifey (hey, that’s me!) has deployed a new solidity contract, RyoshiSays. It was created to reward those who stand up and fight for the vision held by the great and powerful Ryoshi: the vision of decentralization through passion, art, the love of dogs, and the love of our fellow RYOSHIs!

As the future of the all powerful Shiba-Inu unfolds, the ever expanding Inuverse will rise to greatness as a single entity and we believe the great Shiba-Inu will look favorably upon RYOSHIS VISION, and we believes the powers that shall be bestowed upon this community must be held by the hands of this community! This is the decentralized way.

Today we announce RyoshiSays 1.0

This is our first phase of using blockchain governance to further decentralize the autonomy of our organization. That’s right, RYOSHIs DAO is here! And we are bringing the power of decision directly to you ❤️

This DAO will become the backbone of our decentralized experiment.

Want voting power?
💎 ❤️ 💎 ❤️ 💎 ❤️

For each proposal posted on our voting platform, we will grant votes according to the following distribution:

  • 25% for $RYOSHI Holders → to be distributed EQUALLY among all $RYOSHI holders (with a minimum of 10m tokens)
  • 25% for $RYOSHI Holders → to be distributed based on wallet balance (with a maximum of 1 trillion tokens, all wallets with more than 1 trillion RYOSHI will have the same voting power).
  • 50% RYOSHI-ETH liquidity provider on ShibaSwap (staked or unstaked) → to be distributed based on wallet balance

As a token for the people, and by the people, the admin team believes that every holder should have a substantial say in the direction of the organization. Because in the vision of RYOSHI, small fish swim along side whales everyday, embracing equality in opportunity.

RyoshiSays 2.0 is under development, and will soon be vetted by the community through use of RyoshiSays 1.0 💎

Topics to be voted:

  • Budget decisions 🤑
  • Prioritizing project goals for different topics 🎯
  • Approve funds for executive decisions, while waiting for further decentralization with RyoshiSays 2.0
  • Evaluate DAO proposal for RyoshiSays 2.0

Our project wallet has been blessed by donations from members of our community, and currently holds nearly 300 billion RYOSHI. Before the ETH market collapsed in the end of 2021, this valued at $335,800.

This, frens, is a lot of money.
Together, we can lay a foundation for the use of these funds.
Together we can lay a foundation for the future of decentralization.

Submitting proposals

In RyoshiSays 1.0, we have decided to use our Discord’s #DAO channel as a sandbox for DAO proposals and ideas. From there, the community and project team will work together to formulate and evaluate proposals. Once a proposal has been properly explored by the community, the admin team will move the proposals into our voting platform on snapshot.

We foresee that this process will change with RyoshiSays 2.0.

In case Discord is not for you, our team is present on social media and will gather as much input as possible, as also provide updates to the progress of proposal submission and voting details. 🛠

The next polls will address:

  1. Vote distribution presented in RyoshiSays 1.0
  2. Budget allocation for 2022
  3. First eSports sponsorship agreement
  4. On target “certik audit” for the development wallet
  5. Listing wallet targets
  6. Proposal and deployment of RyoshiSays 2.0

We also consider the possibility of testing RyoshiSays 1.0 with utilities as well, but only time will tell if this will happen, so no ask “wen” please. [the admin team begged me to put that here, hahah]

Frequency and Quorum

Proposals need time to consolidate, and we don’t want to overuse the DAO. We want healthy long-term community engagement. We could say it will happen bi-weekly as well, but different topics need different times, so let’s tackle DAO polls one by one.

The need for a quorum can be put up to discussion. Maybe a minimal quorum is not necessary, because well, holders who do not vote are probably not interested in that specific vote. But having a second poll in the case of multiple candidates or options, especially when the result is tight, could be a good idea… let’s see what RyoshiSays. 😋

RyoshiSays 2.0 — A further level of decentralization

More than having the possibility to change parameters from RyoshiSays 1.0, RyoshiSays 2.0 will increase the level of decentralization in our project by introducing delegates of wallets. These delegates will be elected by the community for a three month term to represent the community towards the DAO. A delegate of wallet will have the following responsibilities:

  • Engage with the community and identify potential ideas that could be enabled with the allocated budgets (vetted in RyoshiSays 1.0)
  • Define and identify wallet goals (feasible for the given term)
  • Submit proposals to RyoshiSays 2.0

Proposals approved by RyoshiSays 2.0 voting polls will only be implemented if feasible and properly budgeted (determined by the admin team)!

RyoshiSays 2.0 will enable the next level for our decentralized project incubator, on which community initiatives will be incentivized by resources coming from the project wallet. Our wallet structure and the details on how community-driven activities can engage with our project in a non-bureaucratic and transparent manner will be detailed in a future Medium article.

Considerations to DAO

Creating a DAO involves many aspects. More than defining which voting rule should be used, or creating a way for proposals to be submitted in a decentralized way, what must be ensured is the existence of a solid backbone to support and finance DAO decisions. RyoshiSays will be revised and refined until it finds its own equilibrium in a process of constant self-actualization.

The addition of more revenue streams will be the fuel for community-driven activities for years to come. RyoshiSays will lead the way.

Together we have great power.
Together we shall manifest a future of great prosperity, artistic creation, financial independence and decentralized growth.

Together, we are RYOSHI!!

What’s next? Moon fren!!!!