Rockets of Ryoshi: Decentralized Music Innovation

Hi fren, Wifey here, missed you 🙂

I got the most fun message the other day from our community members All Time Dog (haha, good one) where they have made the coolest song called “Rockets of Ryoshi” and have a famous rapper, The Capital Influence going zoom zoom on the microphone.

(not actual picture of The Capital Influence)

I will tell you that Wifey is not perfect and when Wifey first heard the song, she was like, wow neat I love this, this and this, but maybe you should change this and that. And at that point the ATD (all time dog) looked at wifey and was like. . .


Then Wifey got it, this wasn’t about ATD making a song and a video and saying THIS IS MY SONG LISTEN NOW DURRRH. . It was about furthering the experiment in decentralization, so when they approached Wifey they actually had “their mix” made already, but also gave wifey the musical assets to upload to the githubing.

So this is the ATD challenge !!!

1- First listen to their version of Rockets of Ryoshi. Maybe drink some Rum and sing along at the Sailor bar, HAHA

2- if you are music or video person, take at least one (or more/all) of the assets on the github and download and build and do something cool. New music, new mix, new video etc.. you know the drillz

3- Upload it to your youtube and tweeter and tag #RocketsOfRyoshi and #RYOSHIARMY and also #ShibaArmy to get our $SHIB frens on board too!!

4- drink more rum . HAHA

Ok. here is the video and song Rocket of Ryoshi from All Time Dog featuring The Capital Influence:

And here is the github:

1 — Main Repo Link

2 — Current Song+video download here

3 — Chorus

4 — Music (guitarorganbassall stems together [no vocals])

5 — drumz and percussionz

6 — Rapping

Here’s a link to all the stems in a zip file


Love, Wifey