Rewards Are Coming


Since launch, our beautiful admin teams find ourselves questioned daily with “wen rewards”!!!! All we have known to say at the time, is the ever aged answer of “SOON fren!”. Today, however, the ShibaSwap devs have spoken that we shall move forward towards a bright and equal future!! Now comes the time for clarity on the $RYOSHI rewards distribution topic!

As you may know, the tokenomics of $RYOSHI provide a continuous 1% redistribution of every transaction to xSHIB holders. After an incredible launch and a quick build of a strong and powerful community, the amount in the distribution pool has grown to be worth MILLIONS of $$$. At this point, it is clear that an ownership-proportional distribution of the $RYOSHI rewards would lead to BIG payouts to a few wallets, and the majority of the Shiba community would receive only pennies. Feeding only the whales is not Ryoshi’s vision!!! The main objective and purpose of $RYOSHI was to fuel the entire ShibaSwap community, and revising the redistribution strategy was essential!

Our devs spoke with Shytoshi’s incredible team and asked to uphold the core values of our great founder and icon, Ryoshi. In response, the ShibaSwap team adapted their redistribution process to EQUALLY distribute these rewards among all xSHIB holders! Everyone will receive the same. Equality at its best.

For $RYOSHI, this is world changing! Over the course of 20 weeks, all 80,000+ xSHIB holders will be receiving a non-trivial share of $RYOSHI, and this means we 80,000+ members of the SHIBARMY now have reason to fight along side the RYOSHIARMY, and champion for the growth of $RYOSHI. Together we shall SHILL and rally the crypto universe, and bring fulfillment to Ryoshi’s vision of decentralization and equality.

Today we may finally rest our hearts, knowing that this distribution is aligned with our principles, and know that THIS MOMENT provides an incredible investment opportunity, for whales and small fish alike, to buy more, and hodl $RYOSHI to the moon, AND to buy and bury $SHIB on ShibaSwap!!!

At the core of decentralization stays the spirit of equality. Providing everyone with an equal chance to accomplish dreams and goals is a necessity, and something we hope to contribute towards in the future of our world! $RYOSHI (Ryoshi’s Vision) takes decentralization and equality to heart, and seeks an equal start to all xSHIB holders for the many upcoming utilities and projects being built with $RYOSHI. Our Whitepaper will begin drawing the blueprints of a beautiful future for the #RYOSHIARMY.