decentralized progress

Our story began with a mission, inspired by the vision of the great Ryoshi: Through the power of community, we shall disrupt industry centralization by establishing and developing an entirely decentralized project and organization, run by the people + for the people!

Today $RYOSHI has been listed on a major exchange, not because Wifey or Bruno or $Shib-Cryptologist or the other Ryoshi admins, but because members of our community stepped forward and took initiative:

A true Ryoshi from one of the global language subgroups DREAMED of a great future of $RYOSHI on the moon. 🚀 Following in the steps of the $SHIB community, this ser brought forth a idea and a plan to his fellow Ryoshis to come TOGETHER and manifest this DREAM into fruition!!! Together, these front-line Ryoshi warriors joined hands and pooled their resources to pay a listing fee and have $RYOSHI listed on a major exchange!

If you want to contribute to the next listing fee, we have set up another 3/5 multisig wallet for that purpose. To help $RYOSHI get listed on another exchange send funds here (eth, usdt, dai, usdc, shib, ryoshi, etc…): 0xb88F130d5C94A773Ad2B135d985D12A534745d3E

With today’s new listing, the true vision of the Great Ryoshi shall be spread to many new investors! As these new holders enter into the ranks of the RYOSHIARMY, I call on each and every one of you Ryoshis to welcome your new brothers and sisters in this great journey! Guide them on the path of SHILLING with great power! Encourage them to CREATE art, technology, entertainment, and LOVE by channeling the heart, mind, and soul of the original true creator, the Great Ryoshi. ❤ ❤ ❤

We are stronger together, and hand-in-hand we can do great things! Together, we moon!!!

I, Wifey, believe that today’s step forward is just a taste of what’s to come in our glorious future! This step shows what it means to be a decentralized community, and as our great founder once said:

“Everybody does what they want. If you want something to happen, then do it yourself.”

This, frens, is the KEY to decentralization, and as you know: decentralization is the KEY to our success!

We must each take initiative and contribute to this project! We must do everything in our power to uplift our fellow Ryoshis. We must DREAM, we must BUILD, and we must use the power of community to MANIFEST the peaks of our imagination into existence, and when we do….


What’s next? y not moar? coinbase? robbinhood? bitmart? binanace? Look into your soul and ask your self: how ryoshi mooon next? What can you do to further this project? What can you do to grow the Shiba Inuiverse? Who can you tell about us? What can you create?

Take your answers, and take another step. Today we moon, tomorrow we crush zeros like $SHIB!!! We will never stop! HODL, SHILL, CREATE, LOVE!

Yours truly,
Wifey ❤ ❤ ❤