Hi, I am Wifey and here again ????

Wow, so RYOSHI VISION is a good start so far. Yes some whale get early bag and sell and keep price from moon too high too fast, but that is ok, bc pleb armies keep eating dips and making the price stable/up.

We saw same but different in early Shiba day when whale think he is smartyboy by selling and then as soon as whale finish the bag, the pleb keep buying and BAM, shiba go 40 times X HAHA.

So we don’t worry because everyday we get new holder +200 at least. With new community that speak Chinese and Persian and Turkish and Indonesian and Portuguese and Spanish we know what is going to happen. HAHA, just wait, Wifey know and some of you know too. . 😀

So remember we made RYOSHI to honor original visions of Ryoshi-San (I miss him too) and follow the Shiba ethos he leave us with before he go to neverland. To give recent update:

1 — There is 2.5% slippage required on the Tx, 1% is sent to Shiba Contract Address which is same as a burn address because can never be recovered (ask blockchain investigator to verify plz) and 1% is sent to all xSHIB holders (Stake Shib on Shibaswap) So we do burn like boss intended ????

2 — The organizers at ShibaSwap have given incentive pool for providing Liquidity for RYOSHI. You can go to this WOOF page, find RYOSHI-WETH and add LP and farm . Right now it is over 100% APY given out in BONE. . wow, that is cool, haha

3 — Some chadwhale has also added liquidity on UniswapV2 and locked it so you can also buy on Univ2. What is funny is because RYOSHI contract make so that robot cannot buy or sell (only pleb haha) that sometimes there is good price difference and give pleb job to manually arbitration. Let’s Go. HAHA

4 — The artist of the original Ryoshi art reached out to me and was sadface because she made art for most famous avatar in the world, but nobody pay her. I think Ryoshi-san just find her image on googling and use (oops, decentralized world. . .haha) so I talk to some whale and we try to make it right and offer to send her some USDC to her coinbase (she is normie and doesn;t want to learn the crypto) if she will make the Ryoshi image public domain, free of license. Let’s see what she reply.

5 — Exchange and marketing kekeboy keep writing wifey and saying. “Give us money and token and we do thing” HAHA. Well, If you are marketing guru or exchange listing squirrel, then we give same answer that Ryoshi-San give for original Shiba

Thank you for your interest in $RYOSHI. We are an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building. The team and admin are all volunteers here and have had to market buy the tokens the same as everybody else, so there is no bucket of tokens or funds to pay to anybody or anything. If you wish to help the project you certainly can and work with us to find a way to make your efforts the most valuable. We believe through the power of collective decentralization we can build something stronger than a centralized team ever could create. ALL HAIL THE SHIBA!

Ok, that is 5 points of Update, remember , ask not what RYOSHI can do for you, ask what you can do for RYOSHI ????

This is website: https://www.ryoshi.vision

And this is the Coingecko (careful there is fake RYOSHI also listed on Binance chain, don’t get scammed)

Join our Telegram for Top Quality meme and shitpost

And our Discord to have deep intellectual thought

And this is my twitter: https://twitter.com/ryoshisvision

And also Ryoshi twitter incase he ever come back

Love You to the Stars and Back,